Oh Em Gee. A Tale of Three Covers

Perhaps you’ve read my blog post “A Tale of Two Covers.” Most likely you have not.

It really was all about me not being satisfied with my first cover’s overall look and how I decided to do something different. I still like my second cover however I’m starting to think that doing something different doesn’t necessarily resonate with book buyers or link clickers. Reinventing the wheel and all that.

So I have put together yet another cover, this one was inspired by the website I just finished. And yes there have been multiple versions of that too.

I really have to stop with the book covers at this point. I am spending so much time thinking about them — and then trying to create or edit them — that I’m not getting very much done on the sequel, whose cover I guess I’ll also have to re-think. Please send help.

Anyhooooo, I posted the newest version of the cover on twitter a day or so ago and asked my 1k+ author account friends/followers for feedback. If you’ve read my blog post “Gah Twitter” you will not at all be surprised that I got zero feedback.

Is this thing on? Is this real life?

Posted here is version three in its entirety.

Should I pull the trigger on it? Should I lighten it up just a bit? Should I just give up on this and get back to writing?

Also, what the hell Mets? Get it together.


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