Gah Twitter

My last blog post was about my struggles with building a website. I had looked up popular authors’ sites for inspiration and was pretty disappointed when I couldn’t find any. In the end I tried something similar to JKRowling’s website design only with way less impressive links and news and such. D:

This week my blog post is about my struggles with twitter.

From what I’ve read online, twitter is another social media necessity for indie authors. I registered @garrisonwrites back in November and have accumulated over a thousand followers in the past six months or so. Pretty cool! But . . .

Between you and me, I don’t think a lot of these accounts that are following me are run by actual real people. With a thousand followers I’d think that there would be some interaction between me and at least a smattering of these fine folks. Interactions have been few and far between. I even put a tweet out there asking other authors for some advice. The response was underwhelming — Ok, non-existent.

Maybe all of my author pals on twitter have no opinion or advice on this matter. I find it kind of hard to believe though. Writers have opinions on just about everything and their ability to present those opinions using words is kind of their thing, right?

Mostly my twitter feed is “Read this review, buy this book, hire our services, etc.” I don’t mind those from anyone, I’m fairly guilty of it myself. But — truth be told — I’d like some “real” tweets too. Pet tweets, comments about movies you like or hate, that sports team you live and die for. That dessert you had but absolutely shouldn’t have. SOMETHING. ANYTHING!

If you’re on twitter and an interacting sort, please do follow me and let’s have a conversation! It doesn’t have to be long, just let me know you’re a real live person and not a marketing bot who doesn’t give a hoot about the social part of social media.



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