Casting Plagued

If you’ve read my “About” blurb you’ll recall that I revealed that the Plagued universe was initially (and still is) written in screenplay form. It was a project I loved working on, but getting something you’ve written to actually become something on the big or small screen is not that easy. I’m sure better scripts than mine have been passed on for who-knows-what reasons.

What you didn’t know is that while I was writing these scripts I had people in mind for the parts. Why? Many years ago someone asked me to read their script and check it for discrepancies, spelling errors, etc. I sat down to read it and discovered literally every character spoke with one voice.

And that voice was Chandler Bing from Friends.

I am not kidding. Even the girl who was supposedly visiting a friend from France uttered a line similar to “Could you be any more lame?”

While it was amusing to me, I can’t imagine any prospective producer or studio exec reading that and thinking “I must make this film!”

Because of this when I write I like to imagine someone already in the roll, so I can tap into their voice, or a voice they’ve had on tv or in a movie.

Interested in whose voices I had in my head while I wrote Plagued? If not then what the heck are you doing here?

Just to be clear, the voices I put to these people don’t necessarily mean their faces too. Though in Everett’s case it so could.

On with the reveals.

Father Donnelly:
Father Mulcahy from M*A*S*H played by Christopher William was the quintessential gentle soul/man-of-God for me growing up. I can’t think of anyone else as my go-to when it comes to a good guy man of the cloth.

In my head Jack was kind of a more serious Jack Black. Not over-the-top-slapstick-Tenacious-D Jack Black, but maybe more like School of Rock Jack Black. Good sense of humor, great with kids. You can’t help but like him. Or I couldn’t anyway.

Anthony Sabato, Jr. A nice [and handsome] Italian boy from Long Island.

Everett Campbell:
Two words. Sam Elliott. I’m not sure that anything else needs to be said here.

Skyler Campbell:
For me the voice of Skyler was a combination of Veronica Mars (from the show Veronica Mars) and and early Allison DeLaurentis (from the show Pretty Little Liars). A lot of snark with a good amount of bitchiness thrown in for good measure.

Randall Jefferson:
David Palmer (played by Dennis Haysbert) from 24 was one of the best tv presidents ever. And although he just gets a brief mention here, he is more of a main player in Book Two.

Karen and Alissa I approached a little differently. Sorry, no voices in my head for them.

Ok so what about the assholes? Dick, Scotty, Dom, Mr. Kelly. For those I channeled people I really knew and I’m not sure it would be in my best interest to reveal their real life names.

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